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The Japanese-sex-doll are commonly known as the Dutch wives, a name coined way back from the Japanese Rangaku period where primitive sex dolls were sold to the Japanese by the Dutch during their voyage.

The Japanese sex doll provides the ultimate sexual experience when it comes to getting dirty and doing some nasty experimenting. A look at their petite figure and their facial feature gives you an impression of how fragile they are. The Japanese-sex-doll brings out the protective nature in you; you want to do nothing more than to be her knight in the shining armor, the man who protects her from male predators; the man who keeps her safe. You really cannot blame her for the desires she stirs in you or any other red blooded male that set his eyes on her. Who knows, you might get really lucky and get some actions from her if she counts you worthy of her delicious body.

Japanese sex-doll just like their real counterpart stirs desire in you that makes you want to tame them. Oh my gosh! do they have a submissive look that set off a spate of fireworks within you, that brings out the beast in you, the desires, the wants, the needs you have kept inside deep down on lock down.

The Japan’s sex doll industry have reached an envious level in the art of making dutch wives and you can see it in the way most Japanese-sex-doll looks and feels like. If a silicone sex doll looks realistic, a Japanese-sex-doll is a realistic sex doll with the breath of life in it.

The Japanese-sex-dolls are items of pleasures, they are gems worth having and keeping. The common Japanese-sex-dolls that are seen in most physical or online sex stories are usually 85cm – 125cm in length, though you could always look for other lengths or ask for a customization if you have an extra money. There’s a saying that says – “Life is too short to be unhappy”, I prefer it like this – “Life is too short to be unadventurous”. When next you are looking for a toy to your existing pleasuring tools, you can never go wrong with a Japanese-sex-doll.

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