The Sigh of Satisfaction!

Published On June 3, 2016 | By Terry Walker | Featured

Terry had a beautiful flat in Marble Arch and money in the bank by working as a London escort.  She could have easily breathed a sigh of relief, if she only had a great sex life. However, she thought she failed in this aspect of her life. She had found it difficult to meet the right person.  Her beauty, high standards and confidence made her appear very intimidating to many men, who were introduced to her.

Luckily, she was accepted as an escort at the that she found advertised in a newspaper. She was to meet different men and provide them companionship. Terry liked her job.  It seemed that she has found her key to happiness. Therefore, she started working.  Some of her dates were just to have a simple dinner or to stand alongside her client as an office assistant, but others really explored her for her high sex drive.

She was booked by a successful Chinese businessman named Robert. He flew to London to pursue a business deal. Actually, Robert worked so hard that he didn’t have the time or opportunity to find a girl friend. When he saw Terry’s photo on the gallery of a London escort agency, he hired her services – just for some company and a drink. His plans changed when he saw Terry. She was a real beauty and more sensuous than her picture.

She was wearing a tight body fitting black dress and it clung to her curves. Her deep neckline also showed her cleavage. On seeing Robert, she was instantly attracted.  He looked more like an American than Chinese and with great body that she could see through his shirt. She wished that the two-hour booking would be extended to an overnight stay.  Seeing the lust in her eyes, Robert decided to take her to his hotel room.


As soon as he had closed the door, Terry pressed her body to him and gave him a full kiss on the mouth. She started unbuttoning his shirt and his trousers until she found the bulge that Robert has been trying to conceal from her. Terry also got naked and Robert started squeezing her breasts. She ran to the bed to lie down with open thighs, and Robert positioned himself on top of her. When he thrust his throbbing cock into her pussy, she groaned loudly and they fucked long and hard.  There was intense pleasure for both of them as they touched, kissed and fucked; and eventually they exploded at the same time.

When she was about to sleep that night, Terry could still remember the feeling of Robert’s cock inside her – rock solid, urgent and almost filling her whole body. She had admitted to herself that she had wild urges.  That is why she felt lucky to have found a career that allows her to satisfy herself sexually. How would she ever have met Robert if she hadn’t worked with a London escort agency? In addition, another great feeling is that she sensed that Robert liked her too.

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