Things to Know In Friends with Benefits Relation

Published On July 14, 2017 | By Evelyn Quisenberry | Dating, Friendship

Do you have any idea what an ideal dating situation means to you? Well, if it includes a lot of sex then you are at the right place. Would you mind having a connection that will stand out as a friend “with some benefits“ for you? We hope you wouldn’t mind because the person will curl up your toes and yet let you try out others whenever you feel like without any strings attached. This is what a sex buddy is about. They know where the relation heads. But there are several ways when you can go wrong.  Let consider the tips by which you can go right to find a sex buddy.

Whom to Consider?

The first thought is often whom toy should consider and who the right person is. Another concern is where the relation will actually start. To be honest, there is no hard and fast rule. It just happens mostly with someone you like. This might be an old school friend, a waitress, bartender, or hostess in a club. It might also be a fun acquaintance or any other hook up.


Some Rules to Maintain

Remember that this relation is not about love. There are some clear boundaries in the relation about what you should do and what you shouldn’t. The relation should be string free. Let us see what the rules are

  • Never Romance- You can be casual friends always. Never do for a romantic relation. It is one of the mistakes that people make by blurring the lines of the open-ended relation.
  • Keep On A Good Behaviour- Don’t make your connection feel like she is dirt. Keep the respect between and don’t be inconsiderate and impolite making her feel used and cheap.
  • Keep It Simple And Sweet- Don’t complex it with strong feelings like love and attachment. Keep no room for the relationship after you or your connection leave for home after sex. Make sure not to spend too much time together.
  • Don’t Be Desperate- You might be in a mood to have sex one evening when your connection might not. Done plead or bed. Get other ideas to spend time. You can always XXX sex chat and find out someone else for the day.
  • Be Honest- Be honest in the relationship because you now where you would be heading to. So, from the first clear that off and start the relation so that you are not bothered at the end.

This relation is not for a long time. It will end someday, so be prepared. Don’t let things turn messy if you find one you are developing feeling. Call it off at once so that you can avoid the mess later.

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