Tips & Tricks How To Spend Time With An Escort

Published On March 25, 2016 | By Terry Walker | Dating

There are few tips and tricks that you will get to learn as you enjoy your time with an escort. Remember, for these girls it’s not just about the sex, it’s about the mind… and the money. Cash is king and always preferable. Many escorts make it an absolute must and the only way to do business.

Most reputable escorts can be found on internet review boards. Using the escort’s name or last 4 digits of their phone number, you can often find valuable information about the escort. You can tell a lot about an escort by the response they give you over the phone or through email. You judge other businesses by their timeliness and tone- this business is no different.


Escorts are people. They have right to say “no” to just about anything that happens, pre and post the encounter. If you sense trouble coming, try to avoid it. Change the conversation, always be pleasant and respect your partner personality. Prostitutes have rules of engagement – things you can and can’t do. Kissing on the mouth is off limits, as they consider it too personal (do not expect kissing. Many escorts don’t like to kiss their clients).

There may be other rules as well to keep the relationship in a “proper” context as a business arrangement. Don’t try to barter and expect to pay cash up front. Don’t overstay your time & don’t get too personal (don’t ask her for real name or her private life).

Escorts are not free phone sex lines or psychiatrists. Escorts publish detailed information about themselves online, so they don’t have clients continually calling with questions. Read the escort’s profile before calling! If you’re not sure if you want to make a booking, make your mind up, and then call!

Some clients simply can’t handle their liquor. Alcohol can hinder your own judgment. It slows down your central nervous system and blunts your senses (… and clumsiness becomes an issue after alcohol is consumed). So if you drink – do it slow.


Declare any health issues you have. Mention any health issues you have when booking in case they are a problem. The importance of hygiene cannot be overstated. You cannot expect intimacy, if you are not 100% clean. Have a shower, paying particular attention to your private parts, clean your teeth, scrub under your nails and shave.

However a small gift, like chocolates or flowers, can get an encounter off to an extra good start. If you feel the escort has provided a very good service, always remember to say thank you, and leave a small tip only if you want to.

Expect safe sex and nothing less. And when you undressing – remove the socks first. There is nothing more unsightly than a naked man in a socks. Have a fun!

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