Topics to Avoid on a First Date

Published On September 28, 2016 | By Mark Stewart | Dating

Preparing for a first date is a challenging procedure for both men and women. So many things to decide on: what to wear, how to behave, what to talk about. When you’re getting to know someone and making a first impression, there are some topics and personal details that you should leave untouched on a first date. They should be skipped until you decide whether you want to see your date again or not. Never bring up the following subjects:

  1. What You Found Out When You Googled Them

It’s OK to search for some information about your dates before you go out with them. It’s obvious because nobody wants to be caught off-guard by a flow of unexpected facts. You want to be aware of some significant moments of their lives and you deserve to. However, it’s a bad idea to tell your date you “spy on him or her”. No matter what, never react to any of their words about themselves with something like “Oh, yeah, I read about that online”, or “I saw it on your page in social networks”.Image result for Topics to Avoid on a First Date      2.Marriage

It’s hard to imagine the situation in which talking about marriage on a first date would be to the point. It’ll either lead to an awkward silence or just scare your date right away. It may be too soon to discuss such things without knowing each other. What is more, you may come across as frivolous.


Why not? Just believe: it’s unacceptable to talk about your previous partners on a first date with a new person. What can be worse than mentioning your ex? Trying to enumerate all of your partners. When you start talking about your ex, your date will immediately think that you haven’t moved on and you still have feelings for that person.


It’s a natural thing to talk about your origin, education, and family members. But talking about your mommy all the time may alert everybody. Pathological attachment to one of the parents (to the mother, as a rule), should be kept secret at the very beginning of a relationship. Nobody likes mother’s darlings.

        5.Pets and Hobbies

One photo of your works (paintings, sewing, etc.) and your pet is OK. But talking about it all the time, unless the topic is interesting for both of you, is a selfish and boring thing. Your date may be surprised and excited if your pet is rare or even exotic. But it can’t be the only thing you’re going to discuss.

         6.How Everything Drives You Mad

Do not complain about everything that happens around you. Tea isn’t hot enough, beer is too warm, a waiter is too quiet, the music is too loud, the weather is nasty, the day is crazy. You’re welcome to share your feelings but at the same time, your whining can make your date bored. However, if your date agrees with you, it may help you form a bond.


Avoid talking about money or putting much emphasis on this matter. “How much do you earn?”, “Do you have a car?”, “What’s the bill?”, “How much are we going to spend?”. This is such a sticky subject, that it’s better to forget about these phrases during a first-date conversation. Moreover, there are a lot of other interesting topics to be touched upon.

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