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Popper is a drug that is inhaled to give the user a similar satisfaction to using recreational drugs such as Marijuana. Poppers is a chemical compound under Alkyl nitrates and its chemical name is Isopropyl nitrite. When a user inhales poppers, they experience body changes such as an increased heart rate, a fulfilment of using recreational drugs, and relaxation of smooth muscles. The fact that poppers can relax smooth muscles is the reason why it is popular among the gay community, as a sexual enhancer.

Changes in the Body after Using Poppers

Once you inhale poppers, your body responds by reducing your blood pressure, your heart rate increases causing an increase in blood flow, thus causing a quick relaxation and dilation of your body’s smooth muscles. There could be serious consequences if poppers are inhaled in huge amounts. It could pose a health danger to your health or even death.

Poppers are now common among the gay community as it dilates smooth muscles, thus enhancing their sexual experience. When used as sexual enhancers, Poppers are believed to increase sexual pleasures, increase the user’s libido, and keeps an erection for longer.

Different types of Poppers

The types of poppers are differentiated by their aromas.

  • PurpleHaze Poppers
  • Rush Poppers
  • Liquid Gold Poppers
  • Buzz Poppers
  • XL Gold Poppers

Poppers are widely sold in the United Kingdom. They are legal and safe if used in moderate quantities. Poppers UK are common among young people and mostly the gay community. People who have experienced heart problems before or those who have high blood pressure are not recommended to use the drug. If used properly, the only side effect that poppers UK has is a nagging headache hours after using it.


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