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Published On September 18, 2016 | By Mark Stewart | Relationship

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve been married for 1, 5 or 20 years, wedding anniversary is always something to be celebrated. If you’re unsure about what to get for your loving spouse, check out some of the following gift ideas and you just might find a perfect one to commemorate this wonderful occasion.

50 things I love about you

If you want to show appreciation of every little thing that you absolutely love in your partner, consider ’50 things I love about you’ cards or notes that will definitely make them smile.

Map of places you’ve visited together 3

Buy or make a world travelling map and color all the countries you and your spouse have already been to. You can also include some other details that remind you of these experiences. That way you’ll also be able to keep track of your new destinations.

Portable smartphone photo printer

Photos are a wonderful way to save memories. In this regard, gifting your loved one with a photo printer together with some of your lovey-dovey photos can inspire you to take some more memorable photos.

Custom photo memory book

Make your own photo book or use a premade one, but customize it in order to make it perfect for holding the memories and photos of you two together. You don’t have to include photos only, but other memorabilia as well. Of course, leave room for more photos to come.

Matching robes1-matching-robes

In order to celebrate your unity, gift your partner, as well as yourself, with matching robes. You could even have them monogrammed, which is a really effective detail when it comes to anniversary gifts.

Matching slippers1-matching-slippers

Similarly to the matching robes, you can get pairs of matching slippers for the two of you. Not only will you be able to express your love and gratitude, but also provide both of you with warmth and coziness of soft slippers.

Longitude and latitude accessory

Regardless of whether you decide to gift a key chain, necklace, bracelet, ring, watch or any other kind of accessory, try to have the longitude and latitude of the place you’ve met or got married at engraved in it.

Lemon tree 1-lemon-tree

Apart from looking beautiful and having an amazing scent that will fill up your home, lemon tree is a sign of fruitful marriage and happy life.

Custom-made video

Use all the video material you have of you two together, including professional wedding videography and your own amateur films, and create a romantic custom-made video that shows your true love for each other.

Your song

All couples have their own song. Try to sing it on your own and film yourself doing so. Then you can gift a CD, or a flash player, filled with your favorite music and love, to your significant other.

Doing something special on your anniversary is always wonderful, but remember, you should celebrate your love and life together every day, regardless of whether it’s an anniversary or not. Going through life happy and in love is the best gift you can give to each other.


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