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Every marriage has its ups and downs. Yet sometimes a couple can get stuck in a rut and it may seem like you just cannot get out of it. If you and your spouse are in the North Carolina region, visiting a couples therapist in Charlotte can help you get your marriage back on the right track.If you or your spouse are feeling that even with the help of a relationship counselor that the marriage cannot be saved, take a look at the signs the marriage can be saved.

Signs That Your Marriage Can Be Saved

Although many marriages find an end because both partners want to get out, almost all marriages in trouble has a spouse that wants the marriage to make it. When there is at least one person willing to continue to fight for the success of the marriage, it allows the chance for love to be renewed and the marriage itself to be saved. See the signs of how your marriage could be saved below and click here for more information on how to salvage a broken marriage.

You Are Still a Team

Marriage is about being a team. Together you will face good times and bad, yet the important factor here is that you are facing the ups and downs together. While your teammate may have changed since you have said I Do, if you both still consider each other to be teammates, your marriage just might make it out of the abyss.

When you think of the marriage as a ‘we’ or an ‘us’ when facing problems or triumphs, there is a strength there that can be tapped into. When you work with a relationship therapist, they can help you identify this strong union and teach you methods on how to use this strength moving forward. Of course it is healthy to view yourself as self-sufficient but that shared identity can help you realize the potential and the commitment it will take to overcome the hurdles you are currently facing.

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You Go On Dates

Life is busy and hectic, especially when you try to balance work, family, and home life. Yet, if you and your partner are still able to make time for each other, without any kids if this is the case, this is a strong sign that your marriage will make it. Falling into a marriage that is dateless can place a strain on the roles you each play as spouse to one another. Even if you do not have a budget for fancy dinners, making time for each other to re-connect is a positive sign you both still want to be together, despite any issues you may be having.

Intimacy is Still Wanted

When issues are prevalent and arguing is going on, sex and intimacy is usually the last thing you are thinking about. However, even if the mood is not currently striking you or your partner, there is a positive light if both of you find yourself still feeling desire for your spouse. Still wanting to feel intimately connected to your partner, even when you feel negatively towards them at the moment, is a sure sign of a deep connection.

If you or your spouse is not wanting to deprive the relationship of the intimate connections, this can mean that you both truly care for each other and want the marriage to work. Intimate connections does not always he to include sex. Making an effort to hold hands, offer a kiss on the cheek or forehead, or hugging are ways to be intimate with your partner. Giving touch is a way that brings people closer and in a time of need, such as a marriage that is fraying at the seams, a simple touch can go a long way.

Memories are in the Forefront of Your Mind

Thinking of the fun times you had when you first met or the amazing experiences you had together, or even thinking of the honeymoon phase, these memories bring you positivity. The fondness and nostalgia you feel when you think back on your journey together can make you smile. These precious memories are worth holding onto in the darker times.

When times are tough together, looking back to the happier, more fun times can be the glue that holds the relationship together. When you glance to the past for a moment of happiness you and your partner shared together, you can be filled with a renewed hope that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Think back on the happy times and become inspired to work harder on your relationship to allow those feelings to come back and create new memories.

Family is Placed First

Once you reach the stage in your marriage where you bring children into the picture, the marriage will evolve. This is natural. Yet, if you and your spouse still hold strong family values and understand the importance of taking time to be in the moment and enjoy family time, it is not too late. If you and your partner truly enjoy spending time with each other as parental units and as a family you can still work together. Overcoming disputes and issues to reach the big picture of family togetherness is a strong sign that your marriage will make it.

Marriage is a wonderful, yet sometimes difficult journey you experience together. It is important to remember why you chose to get married in the first place and to see life as a big picture. If you or your spouse finds that the marriage is worth the fight through the troubled times, you can make it through the woods.

Seeking the help of a professional therapist can help you two bridge the gaps in communication and help resolve the issues you are having with each other. No matter how you feel now towards your partner, if you do not want to end the marriage, taking steps to fight for the love you have together is a sure sign that you two will make it.

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