What a Great Massage Can Do for Intimacy

Published On June 24, 2016 | By Mark Stewart | Featured

Not many people realize it but learning how to give a sensual massage is actually an invaluable skill. The ability to give a good massage will always come in handy because for one, it can add a whole new dimension to foreplay. People need intimacy and excitement in their romantic relationships – which probably explains the demand in exotic Montreal massages. Although once in a while it’s ok to treat yourself to a professional massage, learning how to give and receive one in the comfort of your own home is extremely beneficial.

Take a look at the following list of benefits of giving your partner (or each other) a sensual massage:

Relieves Stress

A healthy sex life may not be possible if you’re always stressed out. If you worry too much, you will not be interested in being intimate as it kills libido. Finding time to soothe that knot in your neck or that painful muscle in your back can certainly help make you feel better and put your mind at ease.


Boosts Tactile Communication

Communication is essential in any relationship but many couples don’t realize the value of tactile communication – or communicating through touch. We know that it’s very important to keep the relationship on the right path, but what is perhaps not understood is the idea that you can actually communicate through touch.

Understandably, some are less touchy-feely than others but we naturally crave touch – it’s human nature. By making massage a habit for you and your partner, it will bring you closer to each other than ever before.

Improves Flexibility

The art of massage has always been part of our healthcare culture for a long time now. Ancient Egyptians, Romans, Greeks and Chinese already practiced massage therapy as far back as 5,000 years ago. Apart from its many health benefits, massaging also aids in enhancing the body’s flexibility so your muscles can have a wide range of movement and at the same time, become stronger. When you have stronger and more flexible muscles, it will be much easier for you to perform in bed and in your daily life.

These days, more and more people are going to massage parlors and spas because they realize just how beneficial this form of therapy is for their body and mind. But instead of paying a lot of money to a clinic or therapist, ask your partner if the both of you can learn a few massage techniques so you can massage each other anytime you want to. Sensual massages, in particular, have been known to enhance sex lives, leading to a stronger bond as a couple.

Clearly, massaging offers many benefits. But when you develop the skill, it can also improve your sex life. Imagine being able to communicate with your partner through touch, being free from stress and having stronger and more flexible muscles. It’s no wonder more and more people are becoming interested in sensual massages.

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