What are the Requisites of Applying for K1 Visa for your Fiancé

Published On July 2, 2016 | By Mark Stewart | Dating

In case, you are a certified US citizen, who has been looking forward to marry a foreign fiancé in the US, you would be required to file for fiance visa. It has been popularly known as the K1 visa. It would enable your prospective life partner to gain entry to the US for marrying purpose. This non-migrant visa provides single entry to the US for the prospective bride lasting up to 90 days.


Acquiring the K1 visa

Nonetheless, the process of acquiring K1 visa has been a daunting task. It involves loads of paperwork along with waiting for long durations. Moreover, a single error or mistake while applying for the visa would pose a considerable delay on your desires of being together with your prospective bride.

Qualifying for K1 visa

In order to qualify for the K1 visa, you should initially prove that you are a recognized citizen of the US. Moreover, you would be required to provide assurance of having the capability to support each other financially in the US. It is imperative that you along with your fiancé should encompass the legal freedom to marry each other. The most important aspect before filing the K1 visa would be you meeting each other in person in the last two years before you actually file for fiancé visa.

Procedure for obtaining K1 visa

Only after the aforementioned requirements have been duly satisfied, you might be able to initiate your case for K1 visa for your prospective better half. The recognized US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) would review the case. However, only after being approved by the recognized services, it would be forwarded to the US Embassy in the native country of your fiancé. Henceforth, your fiancé would be required to submit the essential documents as required by the embassy along with undergoing a medical check-up. Last, but not the least, the interview for K1 visa of your fiancé would determine whether the visa should be issued or not.

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