What Special Facilities Enjoyed By VIP Members Of Escort Agencies?

Published On June 1, 2018 | By Clare Louise | Love

If you are in need of high class escorts on a frequent note then you are requested dealing with the same escort agency every time. This is because old members can now receive higher advantages than that of new ones. On the other hand, your membership will automatically get upgrades into premium one.

Premium members can now get a chance of booking Dolls & Roses high class escorts at any point in time.  Premium members usually enjoy huge advantages and if you want to know about these advantages then you have to visit the official page of Dolls & Roses.

If you think that only old members can have premium membership then you are absolutely wrong rather new ones can also have the same. VIP members are treated specially and they can always receive a completely customised escort service.

Facilities enjoyed by premium members:

  • Exclusive deals on classy or high grade escorts can be availed. These deals can make your booking much more affordable than ever. You can also win different kinds of complimentary escort services within these deals.
  • There are some exclusive Dolls & Roses high class escorts that are being preserved only for premium members. In fact, their profiles are also not displayed openly. Only VIP members can view their profiles by login into their respective accounts at the agency’s site. Being a VIP member, you can now even get the privilege of booking popular model escorts from the industry.
  • Latest escort photos can be checked out so that you can make the right selection carefully and easily. These photos cannot be accessed by ordinary members ever. Latest photos are really very much entertaining and they enable you taking a quick decision regarding which one to go for.
  • In case of international travel booking, easy booking of escorts can be made on one hand and on the other hand, handsome or lucrative discounts can also be enjoyed. This specific facility has been reserved exclusively for premium members.
  • VIP members can now receive some specialised facilities for directly interacting with desirable escorts. The members can now interact with escorts via live chats. This chatting facility is not for normal members rather only VIP members can avail the same. Chatting can enable you to know more details about the escort you are about to hire. You just have to login into your respective account for enjoying this chat facility online. A perfect chemistry can be now easily created with escorts via concerned facility.
  • Normal members are not allowed viewing full pictures of escorts rather they are offered pictures without faces. But VIP members have got the privilege of viewing full escort picture. Without seeing the face it is really very much difficult choosing the best escort. In this case, VIP membership really works well.

Reputed escort agencies usually come up with different interesting offers and being a VIP member it is easier for you to avail those offers. VIP members can now enjoy a higher privacy especially at the time of booking escorts online. Sometimes, the members can also ask for a last moment change of escort.

Dolls & Roses high class escorts can offer you guaranteed satisfaction and thus you will always prefer hiring them only. These escorts cannot be easily booked until and unless you have got a VIP membership.

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