Why More Men are Using Fillers for Penis Enhancement

Published On November 9, 2018 | By Andrew Williams | Dating

Penis size will always be a popular topic amongst men and with more and more women reporting that they prefer a partner with a wider penis, men are always looking for ways to enhance what they were born with.

Over and above all the pills, creams and tools that don’t do a thing to enhance the size of your penis, surgery was once the only real way to increase penis size.

Fortunately, with the many advancements in cosmetic surgery, there is now a second, safer way to enhance penis size: fillers.

Penis Fillers: The Basics

Penis fillers contain hyaluronic acid, a substance that is naturally produced by the body. This substance is carefully injected into the shaft as well as the glans of the penis to increase girth.

A topical numbing cream can be used to alleviate any discomfort before a micro-needle is used to inject the filler into the penis. This is a technique that has been perfected across the country and when a high-quality product is injected by an experienced doctor, the results are amazing.

It should be noted that these fillers are FDA approved, which means they are completely safe. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the results of your treatment, a penis injection specialist such as Dr Kotai can use a dissolving enzyme to reverse the effects of the filler. This means your penis will immediately return back to its original size.

If you’ve been looking into penis fillers, you may have also come across an option that uses the patient’s own fat to enhance the size of the penis but this option isn’t always as effective. This is because fat isn’t naturally found in the penis, which means there is a very low chance of the fat actually surviving after it is transferred.

Penis Fillers: The Results

On average, patients can expect to enjoy at least 0.60cms more width following their procedure, which automatically leads to more confidence in the bedroom and a better sex life.

While results are different for every patient, in most cases you can expect the results of your treatment to last for up to a year – it’s all dependent on how quickly your body absorbs the filler.

Since this is not an invasive procedure, no downtime is required and patients can return to their usual routine and work directly after their treatment, which shouldn’t last longer than an hour.

In terms of sex though, it’s best to wait at least 48 hours before you engage in intercourse. You may also experience some slight bruising for 7 – 10 days but this will subside.

This simple procedure is one of the safest and most effective ways to increase the size of your penis and enjoy more confidence between the sheets. You could waste your time and money on pills, creams and products that claim to work but you will only end up disappointed.

Rather get in touch with an experienced and qualified doctor who can take you through the benefits and process of using fillers to enhance penis size.

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