Why Women Need To Learn Self-Defense?

Published On October 8, 2018 | By Evelyn Quisenberry | Sexuality

Now and then we hear women being victimized. They stand on the victim side because of many misconceptions and so face many problems. In order to combat all these difficulties faced by any woman, we need to make sure that they are capable enough to defend themselves and protect their dignity.

Every one of us is active on social media and gets to hear a lot of news and social issues related to women. It has become immensely important for the women of every age group to learn self-defense. One of the most important reasons why women should learn self-defense is that with the help of self-defense they can protect themselves and their families from any adverse situation which can negatively affect them.

Self-defense can help women make a difference between life and death

A woman can remove a lot of obstacles from her way through sell defense. Most of the people think that when the opponent had some weapons with him, how will she defend her in such case. There are many techniques in self-defensive which can help women to make her attacker disarmed, and with such techniques, she can defend herself very easily. The motive of self-defense is not to harm the attacker but to protect oneself. A woman is taught to use the techniques which can help her to escape from the attacker and find help as soon as possible.

Self-defense brings confidence in a woman

The most important work that self-defense does to a woman is building confidence in herself. She becomes confident enough to fight for all the wrong done to her and her family. Another important tool of self-defense is pepper sprays which most of the women carry in their handbags as a tool for self-defense. Ingredients in pepper spray are powerful enough to slow down the attacker for a while and give you the time to escape from the location.

So, self-defense isn’t something only men can use. Women can also master it and protect themselves. Self-defense is just a training philosophy that every woman should learn. Self-defense is not just only for defending yourself but also for instilling self-confidence in oneself as well as for acquiring daily discipline in life. It is very important for women to learn self-defense to overcome the difficulties in her life.

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