Why You Should Ditch the Guilt and Buy Sex Toys

Published On July 20, 2017 | By Mark Stewart | Dating

Sex toys have long been associated with the promiscuous and the adventurous at heart. Nothing could be further from the truth as these devices are for everyone including the every day couple that wants to spice up its sex life. If you have no idea where to start, you might want to check out the beginners guide to sex toys. Otherwise, below are a few good reasons to ditch the guilt and misconceptions and dive into sex toys.

Less Pressure More Pleasure

Pressure in the bedroom goes both ways. Most women only climax after intense foreplay and stimulation before penetrative sex. Truth be told, most men aren’t exactly gifted in the foreplay department. Introducing sex toys in the bedroom takes the pressure off both partners, allowing you to explore, experiment and get the proverbial juices flowing before getting down to the act itself.

A New Sense of Adventure

Any long-term couple will tell you that sex gets a little stale after a few years of being together. The sex stops becoming exciting and is more a matter of going through the motion. It is easy to lose the initial physical attraction and magic once you become too familiar with each other. Sex toys are a great way to break the routine and rediscover the intense physical attraction that was there in the beginning of the relationship. The anticipation and excitement of trying something completely different or taboo even is sure to ignite even the deadest of relationships.

Live Your Fantasy

Almost everyone has harmless little secrets that they would love to explore even once. If you have ever thought about handcuffs or even role play, sex toys are a great way to bring your dreams to life. The point here is open communication. Speaking about what you would like to explore and starting small is a great way to find partnership in the bedroom. You support each other in careers, personal goals and so on, so why not bring this support to bedroom matters.

Always Have a Friend

Finally, if your partner is often out of town, there is no reason not to enjoy some sexual release after a long day at work. Sex toys are a great cure for infidelity and can be a great companion when your partner isn’t around to satisfy you. All that pent up sexual energy can put you in a funk, or worse, cause your mind to stray. A little help from a trusty toy never hurt anyone.

Make sure you discuss with your partner before sauntering off to purchase all the sex toys you can get your hands on. You may want to start small with a basic toy such as a dildo and work your way up. Either way there should be no shame in exploring your sexuality to the fullest. You only live once after all.


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